9.5mm equipments


The first movie projector Pathé-Baby

Launched at Christmas 1922, this projector was designed by Continsouza company and he was patented in October 1921 under the name "Cinématographe jouet" (Movie pojector toy). This movie projector was dedicated to home projections of Pathé movies collection. The Pathé-Baby was named Pathex outside France.

Movie projector technical specifications:

Since 1923 till 1930, some accessories and variations of this projector were build: 60feet cartridges, 100 and 120 meters film spools, electric motor drive: models were named "A type" (1922) and after "C type", D, E (1926) till "G type" in 1929. A toy, the "Pathé-Kid" was launched in 1929. The "Coq d'Or" was a stylized "art déco" new design build late in 1937. The Pathé Lux was a full motorized projector in 1931 and the first optical sound movie projector Pathé-Lux was launched in 1936.

The Pathé-Baby movie camera

The first movie camera Pathé-Baby (Pathex outside France) was launched in March-April 1923 with handcranked drive: a pod was mandatory. The crank has to be turned twice a second!

Loading was extremely simple with a 27feet reversal orthochromatic film cartridge. The loading of the cartridge needs full darkness. Cartdridge system was used on all Pathé movie camera: Mondial type, National type and Webo A (with 60feet cartridge).

The first motor driven Pathé movie camera was launched in 1926. The normal speed was 16 frames per second. The movie camera 1931 Mondial B was equiped with a Cinor Berthiot f3.5/20mm lens.

Other movie cameras 9.5 Pathé

Other movie projectors 9.5 Pathé

French equipments

Beaulieu, Cinegel, Ercsam, Fox, Heurtier, Lapierre, Ligonie.

Other equipments

Alef, Argus, Bolex, Campro, Coronet, Dekko, Ditmar, Eumig, Kern, Midas, Nizo, Spekto

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